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Vendor Spotlight: Hungry Toad Farm

Hungry Toad Farm

9307 Rooks Rd
Centerville, Ohio 45458



From Michael Malone:

This is an organic farm. I grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruits, and plants. I have been growing here for decades. When I was a boy this was “out in the country” Nowadays this is Suburbia, but my place remains as it was. It is an agricultural island.

For awhile I resented the intrusion of housing developments, but as I have grown (agriculturally and personally), I have come to see my unique situation as a boon for myself and my community, and for all who are involved as customers, eaters, workers, visitors, passersby. I am far enough out of town to avoid commercial real estate pressure, yet close enough to my home city, Dayton, Ohio – 14 miles, to be able to bring produce to market

I am grateful for the many people who have supported my efforts through the years — for the many hands and heads and hearts that have lifted, carried, crawled, planted, dug, harvested, cleaned, and prepared the many tons of food that this soil has given us.



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