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How does Kate's Plate differ from other meal kit services?
  1. We are local in your area. Since our food is delivered to your door (and not shipped across the country), we are supporting our local vendors, using local employees, and business resources.
  2. We do a lot of the prep work and cooking for you. Veggies are cleaned and chopped, fresh dressings are handcrafted each week, grains are cooked, and meats are ready for you to cook. It makes these kits a snap, and not more work in the evening.
  3. We focus on ‘clean-eating’ recipes. Ingredients REALLY matter to us! We scour labels so you don’t have to. We don’t use preservatives, emulsifiers, or funky chemicals in our recipes – they are better for you and taste better that way too!
How far in advance do I need to order?

You need to submit orders the week before service – the deadline is Tuesdays at midnight. Your meals are delivered the next Monday.

What areas does Kate's Plate serve?

This location serves Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio. Please use the zip code verifier on the home page to confirm your specific zipcode.

If you’d like to see us deliver in your area, use the Contact Us form and let us know where you’re at!
How do I request to PICKUP my meals?

Use the code”PICKUP” in the coupon/gift card box when you checkout. Hit the “+” button to apply it, then click to the next checkout screen. There you’ll be given the opportunity to select delivery or pickup. The delivery charge does not apply to pickup order. You must enter the code for each order, it does not save your preference.

When is PICKUP?

We are open for Pickup on Mondays from 8am-5pm. If the service date changes due to a holiday, then pickup will be on that following Tuesday, from 8am-5pm. If you need a time outside of those hours, let us know and we can leave it in a cold-box out front for you to pickup. Call us at 937-963-2708 or email hello@katesplate.com to request that.

Can I make substitutions?

Unfortunately, no – we are unable to accommodate special requests/custom orders. Most parts of the meal come individually.  For example, you can leave off the dairy, leave the asparagus out, or not use the sauce.

What if I have a food allergy?

We cannot guarantee that cross-contamination does not occur in the shop during order prep.  We recommend that if you have a severe allergy, that you do not use our service. 

Is nutritional information available?

At this time is it not, as we have a very large volume of recipes. In addition, it has been a challenge to get accurate nutritional information since some recipes use a marinade, sauce, or seasoning blend where very little ends up in the final product, but we have to account for the entirety of it in the nutritional count. That being said, if you need help estimating macros here are some tips:  We use 3/4 to 1 cup of cooked grains, 1-2 fl oz of dressings/sauces, 6-7+ oz of meat if it is in a whole format or 4-5 oz of meat in a mixed recipe, and generous vegetable portions. The info will be under each meal’s page if it has been calculated. Thank you for your patience and understanding! Please email hello@katesplate.com with your questions.

Is all the food organic?

Whenever possible, we absolutely do purchase organic! However, not everything is. Our underlying principle is that fresh is best. Some produce has more pesticides than others, so items on the Environmental Working Group’s List (www.ewg.org) that rank highest in pesticides, we try to buy organic. Due to variations in season, shipping, weather conditions, and supplier issues, we do our best to get organic or local ingredients but do substitute conventional items as needed. Chicken is fresh and not bleach dipped, beef is a mixture of local, grass-fed, organic, and conventional – depending on cut and availability, pork is a mixture of heritage pastured and conventional, seafood is either wild-caught, organic farm-raised, occasionally conventionally farmed based on what the item is.

What happens if I lose my instruction card?

The ‘How To Prepare’ cards are posted on each meal’s page on the website for easy reference.

How do I suggest a vendor or local farm?

Email us at hello@katesplate.com or tag us on Facebook to let us know what area farm or vendor we should use! Farms have a few ways to participate and we can get in contact with them about it. YAH for sharing the love.

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