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KP Chronicles: Tex-Mex Tajin Chicken Salad

I’m a big believer that food isn’t just about flavor but also about appearance. Before we even taste the meal we first “eat” it with our eyes. That is why I try to make all the pictures on our website look just as delicious as our meals taste. 


This is what led to the creation of our new meal. 


Eons ago, we offered a Southwest Chicken Salad that, although delicious, didn’t have the best picture to go along with it. I know the easiest thing would’ve been to remake the meal and take a better picture but I felt we needed something fresh and since when do I pick easy?  I didn’t want to completely scrap the meal because I truly enjoyed our twist on the Southwest vibe so I decided to take the elements I loved and create something new. 


Tajin was having a bit of a comeback (you know me and comebacks–got to keep up with the trends) and that is where the idea formed. The tanginess and brightness of the tajin were the focal points of the ranch we created. They somehow brought the flavors I wanted for the ranch in the best way. The rest of the meal after that just fell into place. The black bean and corn salsa gave it more of the southwest and the blue tortilla chips added a colorful crunch. The tomatoes were fresh and the grilled chicken was sweet and tangy with the honey-tajin marinade. Not only was it tasty, but the picture was SO much better! 


I knew I had achieved my goal when my kids came home from school during the photoshoot. They hovered over me, kind of like how they were doing in the picture below, waiting for the green light to eat. Then proceeded to eat the entire thing. Evidence here on our Instagram Reel 😂.


Don’t miss this meal and a chance to dust off that grill for the summer. Available on the June 3rd menu, order by Tuesday the 28th ☀️


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