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KP Chronicles: Pork Chops & Grilled Caesar

I know what you’re thinking: “I like Caesar salad but hot romaine lettuce?”  


I get it, I get it. When thinking of romaine, the first thing that comes to mind is a chopped salad or a lettuce wrap. It’s fresh and crunchy but, most importantly, cold, so the idea of grilling lettuce may seem a bit strange. 


To be completely honest, I don’t remember when I first tried grilled romaine or how it made its way into one of my recipes. Regardless, the one thing I can say about this choice is that “opposites attract” truly fits in best with grilled romaine. The cool, crunchy freshness along with a bit of char from the grill is somehow the perfect combination of crispiness, temperature, and summer vibes. The idea here is to not cook but to lightly char, so that is why we have you put it on the grill. Grilling the romaine also brings out the tenderness and natural sweetness while giving it a nice smoky flavor.  

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The rest of the meal is back into the “common dinner” realm but still deserves its highlight. The pork chops are juicy with a taste of fresh rosemary from the marinade. They are tender and hearty which is a great pairing with the caesar. 


The white bean salad is a simple summer recipe. It’s great because it’s just fun and fresh. It’s a side dish that helps you fight the summer heat while keeping you full. 


The biggest thing I would like to highlight about this meal is how it emphasizes one of our core values that everyone should try something new and slightly outside of their comfort zone. We hope that by placing meals with different flavor bases, ethnic roots, and cooking methods you get a chance to try something new in a way that is fun and accessible. 


Don’t miss out on this wonderful summer meal and place your order for it on the July 1st menu by Tuesday, June 25th. 🥬



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