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Why you hate cooking with your kids

4 Reasons you Hate Cooking with your Kids

Kids in the kitchen…you shudder at the thought. Yeeeeeesh. Ugh, sounds like something only fancy moms do in their fancy kitchens.

Here are the top 4 reasons you hate cooking with your kids, and why you should do it anyway.

  1. The mess:  OHHHH the mess!  You don’t have time for that crap. They bump bowls, knock spices over, spill ingredients, stir like a madman, and generally turn your kitchen into a disaster zone in 2 minutes flat. Not to mention, kids suck at doing dishes well.
  2. The knives, flames, and sharp things:  This needs no explanation. We don’t have time for the ER.
  3. They won’t eat it anyway:  While it’s possible for them to be more interested in a dish that they made with their own two hands, they may clam up when it comes to the table. DOH!  Frustrating, like we need more of that at our table.
  4. The time (and patience):  After a super long, stressful day of work and making magic happen…being patient with children is, unfortunately, lower on the list. It shouldn’t be…but, let’s blame hormones and our endocrine responses, and need to make a living in general. Boo.

But here is 1 ROCKING reason to cook with them anyway:

They don’t care about the mess, or the risk of a knick in their finger, or how much less time they’ll have on the ipad.

They REALLY just want to be hanging with you, doing what YOU do, beside you.

Let go of the perfectionism for a minute and have some fun in the kitchen exploring new things or simply make those Rice Krispy treats or grilled cheeses like you know how. Whatever your level, do it, and involve them.

Let them play, and how about YOU play too!

Your kids are awesome. However, they MUST be exposed to you being in the kitchen, to new foods and techniques throughout their upbringing. If you don’t show them..who will?


Share with us your favorite tips for having fun in the kitchen with kids. OR share your worst war stories of kids in the kitchen. Haha, both are helpful!




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